Saturday, December 3, 2016

Holiday Greens

I love surrounding myself with real greenery this time of year. The fake stuff has its place, but a real evergreen wreath on the front door just cannot be beat.

I found really nice greenery at Trader Joe's this year! And it was all such a great price, too.

The swags came complete with burlap ribbons. Easy!

Just look at those juniper berries! Stunning!

I collected a lot of greenery from our own yard, too.

Sometimes, I will look outside and find a fallen evergreen branch. I suspect that Jemma is doing some pruning. She's such a helpful gardener.

I grab greens, add some fallen pine cones, and instantly I have winter woodland Christmas!

I think the front porch still needs something. Maybe a few pops of red. A nice wool blanket for the rockers? Maybe a red pillow or two? Hmm. I'll have to go hunting in my stash today!

Indoors, I added this sweet smelling rosemary tree to the tabletop. Simple and so pretty!

I like my holiday decorating best when it is simple and real. A little greenery, a holiday mug, and a book for inspiration.

Blessings, cafe friends!


  1. I love how you decorated your porch! I love the sweet simplicity your writing portrays. Your life seems so intentional, faithful, and simply lived. I enjoy living that way, too (although, I do not like to garden at all lol! The extent of our landscaping is my husband mows the grass. Now, if I could use my stamps and ink to make flowers outside we would be in good shape!).

    1. Thank you for your sweet words, Nicole! They warmed my heart! (I confess...I sometimes enjoy my paper garden over my thistle-filled weedy garden, too!)