Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Target Dollar Spot Christmas: Greens

I have always been a big fan of the Target Dollar Spot...or as my husband likes to refer to it, The Aisle of Stupid Stuff.

Hey, they have some awesome stupid stuff there, and for cheap prices all year long! Socks, washi tape, gift bags, note pads...the list is endless!

In my efforts to downsize and eliminate excess stuff in the house, I try really hard to resist the lure of the Dollar Spot aisle. But this year, their holiday selection was just adorable. Too cute to resist!

For example, I purchased a half dozen of these little burlap-potted Christmas trees to use in various locations in the house. The short strands of battery-operated twinkle lights? Also from the dollar spot.

Normally, I hang our stockings from the mantle. Not this year! That would be way too tempting for Jemma!

Target also sold rolls of boxwood garland in the dollar spot that was so sweet!

I used it to make wreaths for my swan...

...and also for the sheep that sits on the hearth.

This one is probably too tempting for Jemma, too.

The boxwood makes a great filler for any holiday greens, and when you loop it and add a bow, it makes the cutest topper for holiday packages and gift bags!

The Dollar Spot also sold a package of these mini bottle brush trees. Just a little vintage touch to add to any spot that needs a little extra something.

Tomorrow, I will show you more Dollar Spot finds that I've added in the holiday decor.


  1. I got the bottle brush trees too ( I didn't know they were called that)! Yes, very vintage-y! Reminded me of when I was a kid. They had a much bigger one too that I got. Maybe it was $3.00. Love, love, love the $ spotlight!

  2. Ha, ha! My iPad changed it to spotlight!

  3. I missed the larger bottle brush tree, Deb! Great find on your part!