Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Traditions of Christmas

The holiday season is usually the time when I splurge on lots of magazines for inspiration. I love looking at all the lovely homes and towns decked out for Christmas!

But not this year. For some reason, I stood at the magazine aisle of Barnes and Noble, looking at issue after issue for something that spoke to me, something that said "Here it is! Christmas!" With the exception of one or two British publications, I came away feeling as though no one really captured the spirit of the season for me.

I visited the book store three times over November and December, each time coming home empty handed.

I had to ask myself "Why is it that those glitzy, sparkly, glamorous magazine spreads do not reflect my ideas about Christmas?"

It was pretty simple, really. Christmas is steeped in tradition. And for me, the traditions reflect my family's German European heritage.

I decided to decorate with a nod to that tradition this year.

I found these adorable mushroom/toadstool ornaments from IKEA this year! I used many on the tree, but also added a few to the hutch. I thought they looked so sweet with these springerle cookie molds that I found in a local antique shop this year.

IKEA always has lovely Christmas items that reflect their northern European style. This cup and bowl spoke to me, and I had to have them!

I found this Humpflmann (spelling?) at last year's Christkindl market in Chicago. I remember playing with the Humpflmann  as a child. Pull the string and he dances!

This year, I found Herr Humpflmann a Fraulein!

These nesting tins from IKEA will be great for storing cookies!

Lots of greenery and pine cones for a woodland Christmas feel.

The celebration of Advent is also a big part of our family tradition. These Advent candles from IKEA are so pretty! We love to light them in the evening.

Music is also a big part of our holiday traditions. This piano gets played every day! Sam can't resist tapping out a tune whenever he walks by!

I also found these springerle molds at the antique shop! The molds all come from the company House on the Hill, and their molds are little works of art. I may get ambitious and attempt to make some springerle cookies with them this year. Last year, I used my Nordicware shortbread pans, and the cookies were melt in your mouth yummy!

I'd love to hear from you! What are your family traditions during the holidays?

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  1. I drug a tree from Ikea home from Dallas to Asheville since they always seem to sell out before I make it to a store. My folks thought I was nuts but the airport people really did when I explained what my carry on was. You'll have to visit my blog to see my home decorated. Merry Christmas!