Saturday, January 28, 2017

Fixer Upper House: Master Bath Refresh

This month, we worked on the master bathroom. We just wanted to give it some cosmetic help, like removing the wooden towel rods and replacing them with nice shiny chrome fixtures. The bath room also desperately needed painting, both ceilings and walls.

I've been waiting for a sunny day to take photos to show you, but if you are enduring the long dark and gloomy winter here in the Midwest, then you know that I could be waiting a long time for that to happen. I gave up and took photos this morning.

The bathroom was painted in the same colors as the master bedroom...a sort of sage green and tan. The master bedroom is now a soothing Comfort Grey (Sherwin Williams), and because we had nearly a gallon of paint left over, we used the same color in the large room of the bath room.

Before (the photos from the listing make it look much lighter than it actually was):

Can you see the wooden towel rod? It may have been the trendy thing about twenty years ago, but it needed to go.

You can see that the new color is just a much lighter and toned down version of the original. It still has a hint of green.

Can you see the decorative floral tiles? Aren't they precious? Or maybe they were twenty years ago. But the darker green provided too much contrast with the tile, and it made them stand out. I really wanted the new color to provide less contrast and make the floral tiles blend in.

Here is the bath room today:

I never had a towel rod or ring on my side of the sink, and consequently, I always had wet and soggy hand towels. Now, I have this sweet chrome ring, and it is so handy!

A new chrome towel rod for the other sink as well.

We found these fixtures at Bed Bath and Beyond for a really great price. They are from Moen, and it is from the Vale collection. I liked them because they have a traditional, slightly vintage look and they add some much needed sparkle to this room.

Don't get me started on how much I hate these ginormous bath tubs. If you've ever had to clean one, then you will understand. I think it's been used three times in the nearly two years we've lived here, and each time I grumbled afterwards when it needed cleaning. Most of the time, it serves as a great clothing parking spot, and I usually vacuum it once a month with the Dyson attachment. Such a wasted space. I wish the builders had used that square footage in the laundry room instead.

In the shower room, we used Sea Salt (Sherwin Williams), as we had about two-thirds of a can left over. It is one shade lighter than Comfort Grey. I love it when we can use what we already have.

We added a very handy hook near the shower doors, perfect for a robe or towel.

More of the precious flower tiles. I think this color looks so much better than the tan, don't you?

I think one of the best features of this bath room is the floor tile. It is a tile made to look like wood, and it is very on trend right now. My guess is the previous owner had this installed after a bathroom leak disaster, and the home owners insurance probably paid for it. I figured that out after discovering the big water stain on the ceiling of the office, which is directly below the bath room.

The former tan color did nothing to showcase the floors, but the new color really looks great with the tiles.

Cost for this renovation: about $80 for new chrome fixtures. We already had the paint. Yea! A remodel under $100!

I would love to add a bit of sparkle over the tub. I'm thinking of ordering one of these light fixtures from Ballard. They come with an adapter that converts a recessed can light (which we already have in place over the tub) into a drop fixture. I think the mercury glass shade might be fun. What do you think?

I've also debated on whether or not to paint the cabinets and tub surround, maybe in a soft grey taupe. But for now, we are calling this room done. Another one crossed off the list.

We are planning on speaking with our realtor next month to get a market analysis and plan of action for listing our house this spring. I think the entire family is ready to move on from this place, and we are praying for some wisdom and discernment concerning our future home.

Thanks for visiting the cafe today! Blessings on your weekend, friends!


  1. The new paint looks great and I agree it does a nice job of highlighting the floors now. I'm in the process of painting our entire house and I'm also using grey tones to cover up what I call mint green hospital colors.....yucky! I certainly agree those huge tubs are a waste and we pulled ours out and replaced it with a free standing tub that I can actually use.

    1. I wish my shower was twice as big. We use that every day!

  2. Garden tubs can be a great marketing feature when you list the house.

    I knew someone who popped the decorative tiles out and stuck either a matching tile or a different coordinating tile that they liked better in its place. I don't think the tiles look bad, but you're the one who is living with them!

    The paint and fix ups look great!

    1. I hope you are right, Tammy! That's one reason why we seem to buy houses with these tubs...because house hunters ask for them. Probably the same reason we install stainless steel appliances in the kitchens, even though I don't like them. Selling feature!

  3. Looks great- I am ready for an up close viewing!

  4. Mary Rose - it looks great - I love your style!