Thursday, January 19, 2017

What I Didn't Win, And What I Got Instead

                                                             (photo from HGTV)

Remember this post back in September? I was so sure I was meant to win this Ann Arbor house.

Well, big announcement!

I did not win.


It was probably for the best. While I loved the exterior, the interior was not my style. All that busy floor to ceiling tile! Blech.

There was one thing in that house that did intrigue me. The Ellia essential oil diffusers from HoMedics that were featured in all the rooms.

Guess what my sweet husband bought me for Christmas?

I really love it! The scents are subtle but soothing, and the diffuser adds much need moisture to our dry winter air.

We run this little unit every day. After Christmas, we frequently used the oil "Fight It" to help boost our immunities during the cold and flu season.

The funniest part? My husband loves this diffuser as much as I do. He often gets it started in the morning before I wake up.

We ordered some new oil blends last week (Holiday weekends are the best for online sales, aren't they?). I decided to order all the essential oil blends this time, and will probably order the single essential oils in the future.

These oils are 100% pure and therapeutic grade. We use them for aromatherapy purposes. While I love the glow of candles, I am also aware that many candle makers add unnecessary chemicals. This seems like a much healthier alternative.

I think my husband just might need a diffuser for upstairs in our bedroom, too. Valentine's Day, perhaps?

We didn't win a house, but we did make our house smell a lot better. And that's a win in my book!

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