Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Blog Break

Sorry for the extended blog break, everyone!

Sam and I took a much needed holiday over President's Day weekend. We went home to Michigan to visit family. Good times!

While we were there, we also decided to visit one of the towns that we are considering for our "elective" relocation.

Saline, Michigan is a nice small town just outside of Ann Arbor, and a short thirty minute drive to family.

It was a lovely day (sixty degrees in February!), so we walked around a bit, ate with the locals, and popped in to a shop or two.

We drove by the middle school and library, saw a few of the local parks and housing developments, and just got a feel for the place.

Saline has a lot in the "pros" column for our family.

1.) Top five rated school system in the state.
2.) Close to shopping (which also benefits my husband and his work).
3.) Thirty minute drive to Detroit Metro Airport (good for husband).
4.) Thirty minute drive to family (good for all of us!).
5.) Small town feel that borders big cities.
6.) University of Michigan, hospitals, arts and culture nearby.
7.) A small downtown core.
8.) Nearby church.

All good things. The only "con" that I can foresee is that there appears to be a very low inventory of houses, and what is currently available is pretty pricey. We may end up with another Fixer Upper house, but I'm fine with that. We've developed some good DIY skills over the years. God seems to want us to make ugly houses pretty.

We hope to go back for another scouting mission at the end of March. We also have the town of Chelsea to explore. It's a bit further out, but also absolutely adorable.

Spring is just around the corner! Much to do in the days ahead.

Blessings, cafe friends!

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