Sunday, February 12, 2017

How To Customize Frames

I needed a picture frame for one of my U.F.O.s this week.

UFOs = UnFinished Objects

Those are the needle art projects that I may have finished, stitching wise, but then promptly put in a drawer and forgot about.

I had this picture frame that I bought on clearance at Designer's Desk during their store closing sale. Normally, Mill Hill picture frames can be pretty expensive, but this one was cheap. I bought it for its square shape, not for the hand painted design.

I needed a lighter colored frame for spring, so I pulled out my jar of Amy Howard one step paint and gave it two coats of creamy goodness.

I used it to frame this project from Lizzie Kate!

You can see where the paint has an aged, crackle effect. I'm not sure if it was supposed to do that, but I was fine with it. I lightly sanded some of the edges before popping in this cross stitch project, too.

I think I may have gotten the project a little crooked, but that's okay. I can fix it later. For now it, is just lightly taped to the back:

You can find some great picture frames at second hand stores and garage sales for dirt cheap. Give those old frames a few quick coats of paint, and you can totally update them in minutes.

Spring! It may still be winter on the calendar, but today I am enjoying sunshine and warmer breezes that hint to spring's arrival.

Blessed Sunday, cafe friends!


  1. I have some framed wedding pictures that are looking a little dated. I want to spray paint them to give them a more updated look. It has been so windy here (and we don't have a garage) that I'm not sure when I'll be able to do it! But hopefully sometime soon. :)

    1. I've spray painted picture frames before, too, Tammy. But you are to leave that for a sunny day with no wind!