Friday, February 3, 2017

Maximizing Storage

I didn't realize the lack of storage in this house until after we'd moved into it.

For example, our house in Pittsburgh had six (yes, six) big closets on the main floor alone. That doesn't even count the three rooms with built in bookshelves, and the kitchen with two huge pantries.

This house? One coat closet on the main level, and a pantry that's really just cupboard space where everything gets lost in the back.

We had considered installing pull out shelves to make the space we do have functional. But who wants to spend hundreds of dollars on a house you plan on leaving soon?

I knew there had to be a cheaper solution.

I was shopping for some metal shelf components with my son, Luke this week. One of the big name stores had them for $20-$40 each.

"I think I just saw the exact same thing at Aldi this week," Luke told me.

So we ran over to Aldi, and yes! Lots of storage solutions for my problem pantry, at amazing prices! I don't think any of the components were more than $8 for multi-packs. What a bargain!

Here are some sad before photos:

A jumbled mess with no way to see what is lurking in the back.

Now, with the help of shelf risers and easy to pull baskets, it looks like this:

The shelf for cans used to send me crazy, but now I can easily see where everything is located, which will make dinner time a much happier time for me.

The snack cupboard is easier for hungry boys, too.

The best part about these storage solutions? I can take them with me to my next kitchen! Yay!

I realize that none of this is Pinterest-worthy, but organization can go a long way when selling a house. I'm doing my best to show this house in a happy, positive light for the next buyer.

Hmm. So much food. Now the question is: What's For Dinner?

Blessings on your weekend, cafe friends!

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