Thursday, February 2, 2017

Pre-Staging For Spring Real Estate Season

Before I have our realtor come out for a full market analysis later this month, I am trying my best to do some pre-staging in the house. I'm working on problem areas, like the master bedroom walk in closet and the pantry storage. Just trying to clean and freshen and sort everything.

I'm about to tell you something, and we will all agree that it's stupid, but here it is:

Fresh decor sells houses.

I know. Stupid, right? Especially because a LOT of the decor does not stay with the house. But if you've even spent one hour watching a show on HGTV, then you know how buyers like to walk in and see everything just so. Let's face it. Most people do not have creative imaginations.

Take, for example, artwork and wall decor. If you've had the same thing on the walls for twenty years or more, it's probably faded and looking a little worse for the wear. It might be perfectly shabby chic for you, but a buyer will see sad and faded and will project those thoughts onto the house.

With this thought in mind, I decided to get some new wall decor for the laundry room.

Funky, fresh, and fun, right?

I picked these things up from Hobby Lobby with a great sale. I thought the colors worked well in this cheery little green room, and it matches the decor I brought in last summer, too.

I'm currently working on adding storage components to my pantry to make it more functional. I also desperately need to clean my craft area, which means I will probably be stamping again later this week. Isn't it funny how cleaning can lead to crafting and more messes?

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