Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A Yummy Dish For Spring! Lemony Pappardelle Pasta With Tuna

What's for dinner?

How about a light and yummy dish for spring, packed with protein and oh so flavorful!

I found a few of these items grouped together on an end cap at Trader Joe's, and it sounded like a good combination to try.

Here's what you'll need:

1 pkg lemon pepper pappardelle pasta
1 can yellow fin tuna packed in olive oil
a little extra olive oil
cheese of choice (I used feta, but parmesan would also be good)

Cook pasta according to directions. Do not overcook! Also, do not rinse and do not overly drain. You will need some of that starchy water to enhance this dish.

Place pasta is serving bowl. Add yellow fin tuna...do not drain! Use that yummy olive oil that it's packed in. Toss the tuna with the pasta. Next, add two or three tablespoons of capers (I adore capers!), and toss. Add a little extra drizzle of olive oil. Top with some crumbled feta, and enjoy!

Mmm...I was fighting my husband for the last forkful...yeah, it was that good! I think this would also be amazing with some pieces of freshly steamed or grilled asparagus, and maybe a little fresh chive on top.

A super easy dish for a spring dinner. Because seriously, who has time to cook when their are houses to clean for showings?

Blessings, cafe friends!


  1. Yum! this sounds like a winner! We like one dish meals like this. Recently I tried a new one cooking a box of small pasta shells and reserving a half cup of pasta cooking water. In a saucepan break up a (3 or 5 oz?) pkg. of garlic herb Boursin goat chesse, thin with pasta water and cook for a minute or so adding a cup of peas. Mix with pasta and top with parmesan - it's super easy and hard to stop eating too!

  2. Vikki, that sounds amazing! You had me at "goat cheese". 😊 I will be making that one in the future! Thanks!

  3. I had to google capers. I could only think of sardines! ;) M.L.

    1. Ha ha! I used to think they were lumped in with sardines, too, MaryLynn! You've probably had them on a dish from the Olive Garden and you never knew what they were! :)