Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Luke's Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Luke!

Let me just say a few words about my eldest. He is a really nice guy. A really, really nice guy.

Here are just a few nice guy stories about Luke from recent weeks:

* When he heard his boss was sick at work, he went through Starbucks before his shift and bought her a hot tea. Awww! She was so appreciative!

* When Luke was eating lunch after a shift, an elderly couple saw him in his work shirt and asked him about a product they were looking for. He spent thirty minutes (off the clock!) talking to corporate to find the item for them. And then he drew them a map and gave them instructions, telling them where to go.

* He stayed home to work and watch Jemma so that we could take our Florida trip. Aww! We missed you, Luke!

* He keeps me laughing and sane every day.

Like I said, he's a really nice guy! I'm so proud of him!

Luke works in grocery management. One of his co-workers, who is hispanic, would see Luke coming in to the store to start his shift, and she would say "Loo-cas! My hee-ro!"

That's our guy! A hero!

{Today's Brew: Stylized Sentiments (Papertrey Ink), Hey Pop! Simple Stories collection paper and stickers, bottle cap from my stash}

I'm praying for good things for Luke in the coming year. Good guys deserve good things. :)

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