Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Spring On The Front Porch

You know the old adage: You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Well, the first impression on the front porch was a little bit sad.

Of course, everything looks a little sad this early in spring. But I knew I could do better.

Cleaning the front porch rockers and adding the cushions was a start. But what I really needed was not in the garden center Pansies. Signs of spring!

I popped in to Home Depot yesterday, and lo and behold, the pansies had arrived! woo hoo!

Aah! That's better!

The welcome mat looks much nicer. It picks up some of the blues and tans that I already have on the porch.

I added the grapevine wreaths and fake forsythia stems to these pots, along with the pansies. The wreath acts as a little booster for the pansies if they get too droopy in the cold, and the forsythia ties in with the front door wreath and adds a little vertical height to the planters.

Now that's a proper welcome!

I'm hoping the front porch now says "Welcome! Buy this house, and you, too, can sit on this front porch!"



  1. It looks gorgeous! You are good to go...back HOME! Good luck! M.L.