Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Complicated Vs. The Simple

It's complicated.

Life, that is.

I don't how it happens, but it seems to creep up on me, one thing at a time, until I look around me and say to myself "Okay, enough of this. Things have got to change."

I examine my day-to-day routines, and realize the stressors that are necessary, and those stressors that are adding very little to my life.

I'm trying to sell a house and buy a house. Temporary stressor for long term gain.

I'm teaching my son catechism and the foundations of faith. Temporary time constraint for eternal gain.

I'm training a puppy. Temporary annoyance for future good dog rewards.

I'm shuttling Sam to band practice and jazz concerts and track practice and meets. Mom stuff that may be a time commitment for me, but it brings a lot of reward to Sam's middle school life.

And then there are the things I want to do more of, like reading good books and going for long walks. Stitching projects and writing projects. Gardening and going to see my son in Indy.

It's all basic, and it's all life in balance. It's all good.

But other things in life have just become time suckers for me, and they're leaving me drained. They have to go.

Take, for example, today's two featured cards:

I wanted to make a card for my Pastor's family, who are expecting a new blessing in their family. Simple, right?

But as I created this one, it just became more complicated. The blue base needed clouds. And a sun. And a few diecuts. And a few more diecuts. A scallop there, some stitching there. And in no time, I'd taken something simple and turned it into a complicated mess.

I started over this morning. Just a few stamps, a few die cuts, a simple sentiment. Done. And done simply. And done well.

{Today's Brew: stamps and stencil from MFT, Lawn Fawn die cuts and papers, PTI ink and card stock}

The complicated versus the simple. I sense the pendulum swinging in a new direction in my life.

Simple joy, cafe friends!

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  1. True words. Yesterday I made two cards for the March PTI blog hop with the first being a bit time consuming and not really my CAS style. My second card was much simpler and also more satisfying. PS. You are a wonder woman right now with all your "pots" simmering!