Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Easter Planning With The Gathering of Friends

"So, what are you planning for Easter this year?" my sweet step mom-in-law asked me on the phone yesterday.

Oh. That's right. Easter is Sunday?! How did that happen? Between constant house cleaning, showings, and house hunting, I've kind of lost track of time.

The question remains: what AM I planning for Easter?

That's when I turned to some of my favorite cookbooks from The Gathering of Friends!

These cookbooks are really special for so many reasons.

For starters, the recipes are simple, with ingredients you'll have at home or find at any  grocery store.

I love spiral bound cookbooks because they open and lay flat.

Each book is organized around a theme, and sorted by chapters. Each chapter will include photos and recipes for an entire meal, from appetizer to salad to entree to dessert.

And at the end of each chapter? A handy grocery shopping list!

But one of the coolest features of these books...the lovely photos of home interiors and tablescapes.

You can see all of the cookbooks at their website here:

And if you are blessed like me, you occasionally find them at places like Half Price Books for a great price!

Easter will be a family affair, just Ed and I with the boys and Jemma at home. I've decided to create a "Make your own crepe" buffet, with a combination of sweet (strawberries and bananas topped with chocolate sauce and whipped cream) and savory (chicken and artichoke, asparagus and bacon, ham and swiss all topped with Gruyere sauce), all from recipes featured in this cookbook.

Time to do some grocery shopping!

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