Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Town Mouse or Country Mouse?

Town Mouse or Country Mouse?

Which one are you?

Sam and I used to love to read Jan Brett books together, and this one was a favorite. The town mouse swaps homes with the country mouse, and each one thinks the grass is greener on the other side. But after a day of seeing how the other half lives, each one decides to go back to what he's always known.

We find ourselves in the same scenario.

The houses in town have their conveniences. Close to schools and libraries and shopping and restaurants. But small houses with small lots, and most of the yards we have seen are not fenced, which just would not work with Jemma.

Then there are the country houses. Wonderful views of woods and lakes, with acreage. But many have to be accessed by unpaved roads (hello, Michigan potholes!), and they are a bit of a drive to get to your daily amenities. But oh, the peace and tranquility! The garden possibilities!

Town Mouse or Country Mouse. Which one do I want to be? I made this card with a mouse while I ponder the possibilities!

{Today's Brew: Harvest Mouse stamp set and dies (MFT), Label Maker Sentiments (MFT), lawn fawn grass border die, MFT hearts stencil, PTI inks and card stock, COPICs}

I suppose that this is all I need to remember:

Tell me: Which one are you? Town Mouse or Country Mouse? And where do you think I belong?

Blessings, cafe friends!


  1. Maybe there's something in between? When we lived in Michigan we lived in the city limits on a very small property with houses very close by. We now live in a neighborhood in SC that has larger lots and houses further apart (though on one side our neighbor is pretty close). We have .4 acres to call our own. :) Our neighborhood doesn't have sidewalks, or really anything to walk "to". I do miss that aspect of living in city limits!

  2. You are right, Tammy. That would be ideal. Unfortunately, in the area where we are looking (small towns around Ann Arbor), those are the houses that go in one day with multiple offers. 😕 It's a crazy market right now! Hoping we can find something before we are homeless!

  3. Country Mouse here, to the very end! It comes with sacrifices...lots of yard maintenance. But the privacy it affords is a must-have for me. You love to garden; Jemma needs a place to run; yet you love community. I agree, you probably need that something in between! Hold out for THE ONE (so you don't have to do this again!). Good luck! M.L.

    1. So true, MaryLynn! There is one house we saw last weekend that I keep coming back to...on two acres, but still part of a small neighborhood, with woods and a pond and gardens and a view of a lake. It might be the one!

  4. We were lucky enough to find the one in between in NC. We're in a subdivision on a mountain top so you can't see the neighbors, the view is amazing and yet we are less than 5 miles to grocery store, Lowes, Target and downtown Asheville. It was THE ONE the minute I saw it and I love living here plus we have neighborhood bears, deer and turkeys so hold out for The One!