Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Big Boy On A Shelf

You find the darnedest things when you pack yourself.

For example, I've wanted a cute camper for a while now. Guess what? It turns out I already own a camper! I found it in storage. It's an orange and pink pop up camper! But alas, it's too small to tow behind my Pumpkin Spice Subaru Crosstrek.

It's a Barbie camper.


We found this beauty in a box of kids' toys.

Frisch's Big Boy!

I'm so glad we found him! He was a gift from my godmother, Rose. When we were dirt poor and living in an apartment in the city, we would take walks with our baby Luke, pushing him in a stroller along the bumpy sidewalks into the adjoining neighborhood where my godparents lived. We would often pop in to visit and have a cup of tea or coffee.

Rose didn't have a lot in the "toy" department, but one day she found this and gave it to baby Luke. And here I am, twenty seven years later, so happy to have found it once again.

Big Boy has become the official mascot of our move.

Some people put Elf on a Shelf over the holidays. Instead, we have Big Boy on a shelf.

When a job seems too huge, like say, packing the contents of a kitchen, Big Boy is there to remind me to put on my Big Girl pants, pull myself up by my suspenders, and get the job done.

I may or may not have caught myself talking to him on a few occasions. What can I say in my defense? Big Boy gives good advice!

Big Boy may even be influencing some of my design ideas for the next kitchen.

I'm so glad we found a mascot...just when we needed one, too!


  1. I love hearing about your adventures in life. I remember Big Boy restaurants as a child. Best wishes in your move!
    Arlene L.

    1. Hi Arlene! Frisch' is one of the few restaurants I recall eating at as a child. That was reserved for special occasions. It must've been the economical choice for a family of nine! Lol!

  2. LOL! He's always watching you!! And he didn't want you to go camping anyway, while you have work to do! Keep up the good work. You are doing amazing! *SOON*!!! All the best to you! M.L.

  3. My dad worked as an asst. manager at Eat 'n Park when I was young. If you ever ate there when you lived in Pittsburgh, what you may know as the Superburger was once called the Big Boy. We had several of those Big Boy banks. I loved it! I'm wishing you an easy move and much happiness in your new home.

    1. Of course, Francie! Eat 'n Pawk, as the locals called it! Thanks for your sweet wishes!