Sunday, May 28, 2017

Catechism on the Road

Sam and I have been consistently working our way through catechism every week. It has been a joy to pass the faith on to my son. But as any good teacher knows, sometimes things become stale and you have to shake up the lessons.

This week, it was time to get out of the house and try something different.

I have a few adult coloring books for those times when the urge to doodle may strike. We packed up our books and a case full of COPIC markers, and took our supplies to Panera this week.

Soup, salad, and scripture. The perfect combination!

Sam is such a creative type, and I knew this was just the thing that he could really dive in to. He does a much better job with these markers than I do.

Sometimes, when our hands are occupied with a task, our hearts and minds can open up for a different kind of learning. Our conversation that night was varied. We spoke about Nazi Germany and World War Two. We discussed the faith of Corrie Ten Boom and her amazing experiences sharing the gospel in concentration camps and beyond.

The conversation veered to the topic of purgatory, and whether anyone can truly do anything to earn their salvation. Sam informed me that a lot of Japanese anime films include themes of purgatory. Odd.

We spoke of limbo and purgatory as it relates to the TV series Lost. We spoke of indulgences and the Reformation of 1517. We talked about a church that is still reforming in 2017.

Deep, fascinating stuff to ponder over.

We discussed God the creator, and some of our favorite parts of His creation. We spoke of God's fatherly divine goodness and mercy, while offering our thanks and praise over pastries and coffee.

Creating while worshipping the Creator of all things.

It was a good lesson.

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