Thursday, May 11, 2017

Rainy Day Home Inspection

I really, really wanted home inspection day to be bright and sunny. I wanted to be able to wander the outside property and inspect the gardens and the space for Jemma. And I was more than a little nervous because the inside of the house seemed a bit dark to me when I first toured it.

But alas, sunny days were not in the forecast.

I still managed to get a good idea of the house and property. Potential. I see potential.

This creek runs through the woods along the side of our property. Pretty! I love trees, and I can only imagine what lovely views we will have during all the seasons.

Here's a view of the common area behind our house. I imagine the creek and marsh will attract all kinds of wildlife...birds, deer, mosquitoes. LOL! That's okay. I love to feed the birds, so I have big plans for creating some bird and butterfly gardens.

I had a little time to spare, so I drove around the neighborhood and popped in to the local library.

An active  Library Friends group with their own used book shop! I'm so excited!

A fun teen room for Sam to check out!

I also picked up some community catalogs and brochures. We will have a community rec center just five minutes down the road. How great is that?

And just outside the neighborhood entrance...the local elementary and middle schools, along with a community garden. How wonderful!

In just a little over three weeks, we will be packing up the house here in Illinois and moving to Michigan.  My heart is so full of gladness! The Pure Michigan commercials (with Tim Allen's voiceover) have been playing non-stop on the television recently. These commercials used to make me tear up with sadness. But now, when I see them, I'm filled with excitement and hope!

Pure Michigan, here we come!

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  1. I love to hear Tim Allen's voice on those commercials. Your move will put a whole new meaning to it. I am so happy for you. The sun will come out your bottom dollar...there'll be sun! Wishing you every happiness in your new home! M.L.