Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Home, At Last

Home, at last!

We've officially been in our new house since last Friday, and have been working every day to unpack and make it feel like home.

In the past moves, I've known pretty quickly if a house will work for us and if it will feel right. And in this house, I knew right away that it would end up being our favorite house yet. It is so comfortable to live in, there's plenty of storage, and we love the ranch with walkout basement.

This sweet little cottage might just turn out to be our forever home.

Of course, I still have to put my own style to it.

So for starters, I did everything I could to instantly make it lighter and brighter.

These curtains in the great room came down about five minutes after we had the keys. ;)

And these curtains covering the french doors to the office room? Gone.

My husband saw the front door at the foyer and said "I know this frosted glass is used for security, but I'm not a fan."

"Oh my gosh, do you know how expensive that will be to fix?" I asked him.

"No," he replied. "How much do you think it would cost?"

"Free!" I laughed, as I began to pull away the frosted vinyl cling covering.

Here, you can see how much light comes in on the right hand side, as opposed to the left that still had the frosted window covering.

And after all frosting and curtains were peeled away, I gave everything a good scrubbing. It's always amazing how much lighter a house can feel when the windows are cleaned.

Seriously, who needs a security system when you can have a Jemma instead?

I'm not a fan of words on walls. I like words on signs, but words on walls...not so much.

I put Sam to work peeling these off, too.

We've been doing a LOT of cleaning, and a LOT of scrubbing. And the walls will need a LOT of painting in the future.

It has more than a few weeds, but we love it...warts and all.

Feeling blessed beyond measure.

More updates to come this week, so stop back to the cafe soon!

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  1. I've been waiting for this post....Welcome home!