Friday, June 2, 2017

Travelling Craft Studio

It may seem crazy, but I decided to pack some items from my craft studio to take with me when we move next week. For about twelve days, we will be living out of hotel rooms until we close on our Michigan house. I figure I will have some down time during those days, and what better way to fill the time than reading good books and crafting.

I packed my precious COPIC markers!

This little tote was a gift from Mom, and it really holds a lot! I have water coloring papers, pencils, brushes, and a collapsible cup.

A tote filled with pan water colors, my journalling bible, some journals, and some adult coloring books.

A pencil case filled with washi!

A basket full of pencils with sharpener.

My needle art tote is also ready to go!

I grabbed a few kits that will be fun and easy to stitch up!

This train is leaving the station! All aboard!


  1. Can hardly wait to have you all back in Michigan!!!

  2. You are so organized! Sending good move vibes to you! M.L.