Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A Heart-Warming Gift

We looked on our front porch one recent Saturday morning, and found this bag that had been left at our door.

A gift from the local church that we had been visiting recently! And here's what was inside:

A newsletter, a devotional or two, and a loaf of delicious whole wheat bread from a local bakery.

We really like this small congregation, and I've appreciated the pastor's sermons immensely. He was a former school teacher, and I have the feeling he'll be a great teacher in bible studies as well.

This church seems to fit our family, and we're hopeful that our family will fit this church as well.

One of the ways that I wanted to simplify our lives in this move was to find a local church close by where we can become a part of the congregation and the community easily. This church is less than five minutes down the road. Can't get any closer than that!

And though they are small, they seem very active.They have a mid-week Wednesday bible study night, where folks gather for a simple meal and kids and adults go off to study the Word in classes. I LOVE that! We had this at our congregation in Indiana, and it was such a lovely way to touch base with your church family outside of Sunday service.

This congregation is also beginning a ministry with an international organization to help individuals learn to read and speak English. I've always wanted to pursue the ESL field, and this looks like a great opportunity.

In addition, they pair with local and church organizations in lots of ministry opportunities. They also work with the local Ann Arbor colleges.

Finding a church home is a BIG deal, and finding one quickly has been a blessing. This thoughtful gift really made me smile.

Thank you, God, for prayers answered!

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  1. It appears you are right where God wanted you! Congratulations.
    Lu C