Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Happy Floorth of July!

Happy Fourth of July, cafe friends! Or, as we referred to it here at our house last night, the Floorth of July. And here's why:

Miss Jemma is no fan of fireworks...or thunder storms...or the snow plow...or any loud noises meant to disrupt her peace and tranquility.

So while my family went to a cookout to enjoy the fireworks, Jemma and I stayed behind and found a safe place to hide from the noise. Jemma's panic room is my very small walk in closet. We tried a Thunder Shirt,and that seemed to help. I also used calming lavendar essential oils in my diffuser. But in the end, she just wanted to cuddle here on the floor with me. I'm so lucky!

Hope you had a fun Independence Day with your friends and family...furry and four-legged or otherwise.

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