Sunday, July 2, 2017

When Everything Else Is Complicated...

I've been doing a lot of fluffing and cleaning here at the new cottage. Most of my projects start out simple...a quick five minute fix. But they always seem to lead to a project that takes a few hours instead.

Change a light bulb in a bathroom fixture. Get on a ladder and see that the fixture is covered in dust and grime. Take off all the glass shades and soak them in the sink, then wipe off the fixture, then dry off the shades, then put them back up, then replace the light bulbs...and do it all over again for the other bathrooms, too.

Hang a picture. Realize how dirty the wall is, then go fill a bucket with Lysol water and grab a sponge and magic eraser. Wipe down the wall, and the baseboards, and the door frames. And then when that's finally dry, go back to hanging the picture that started all the cleaning a few hours ago.

Like I said, complicated.

I needed a fast birthday card that was anything but complicated. Thank you, My Favorite Things stamps! This one did the trick!

{Today's Brew: PTI card stock and ink, MFT stamps}

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