Thursday, August 3, 2017

Cute-ing Up The Cottage: Transformation With Just a Quart of White Paint!

I've been neglecting the craft room this week. And I have so many cards to make, too. But my creative energies were being used in other areas of the cottage. I'm still fluffing our nest, making small improvements where I can. It's been a lot of fun.

Last week, I took a quart of white paint (Extra White Ovation Paint and Primer from Sherwin Williams) and went to work transforming dingy dirty things into clean white things.

I started at the fire place. The light stained wood mantel did very little to make this a focal feature in the room. And with all the other trim in the room painted white, I thought it was time for the mantel to match the trim.

I lightly sanded and cleaned it, taped it all off, gave it a first coat, and stood back to look. Wow! So much better!

With paint can in hand, I started to look at what else could be transformed.

How about the hand rail banister of this pony wall? It was really dirty and scratched up. I gave it a light sanding and got to work.

Which led to the wall of wainscoting at the end, near the kitchen. One thing led to another, and before I knew it, I had whitewashed the problem areas of the great room and made the dark space a little brighter.

And here it is:

I cannot believe how much better the fireplace looks! My sweet hubby hung the vintage mirror over the fireplace, and it was the perfect accent. Just enough sparkle to bounce off a little light in the room.

Nothing says "cottage" like some white painted beadboard. This little section of wall is now so sweet!

It needed something larger over the space, so I used this chalkboard. The black really stands out against the white now. I thought it'd be fun to decorate for the seasons.

And here's where I have to confess. I have not stitched most of these curtains yet. I decided to cut them, pin them, and hang them in place to see if I liked them.

I had started with some lace panels in the room, but they looked a little too froo froo for me. Once I took them down, I realized how much better the windows looked without it, not to mention it allows that much more light into the space.

Each window treatment is unique, but they all incorporate the same two fabrics from IKEA. I think I like it! I love to mix florals and checks, plaids and stripes. It speaks "cottage" to me.

Making a house feel like home. It's a good feeling.

Now it's time to get down to the craft room and work on those cards!

Thanks for visiting the cafe today!