Wednesday, May 4, 2011

All Consuming

Apologies to all for my lack of blogginess. Here in our house, we are in the final stages of senior year, and it is all consuming!

College acceptance deadlines were last weekend, and after weeks of making pro/con lists and garnering opinions from friends and neighbors, John finally came to a decision. I love this photo...little brother is keeping a watchful eye on big brother. And what is big brother seeing off in the distance?

The beautiful White Chapel that is a feature of his future college. And the future college is?

John's dry erase board proudly displays his choice!

Rose-Hulman Institute! Ever hear of it? If you're an engineer, you probably have. It's the number one undergraduate engineering school in the country. I call it the MIT of the Midwest. The college was founded many years ago by a Scotsman named Chauncy Rose who wanted to bring industry to the area along the Wabash River. Years later, the Hulman family donated their farm to build the new college. The Hulman's were famous for their Clabber Girl baking powder (as well as being known for founding a little event called the Indy 500. I bet you've heard of that!)

Rose-Hulman Institute receives nearly 4000 applications every school year. In the end, they only accept 500 new freshman. Not only did they accept John, but they also offered him a substantial scholarship to attend. We're very proud of him!

It was a tough choice to make. John had debated...attend a big state college, or attend a small private college? In the end, I'm sure that either decision would have been fine. But as a mom, I really wanted him to attend a small college where he could continue to run cross country and track, and where smaller class sizes would mean more time with professors.

When John was no bigger than his little brother, I used to tell him "MIT! That's the school that you'll attend when you are big, John Ryan!" Even then, he had an aptitude for math and science. Well, MIT may be fine for graduate school, but I'm happy to keep him a little closer to home for a few more years.

Big brother, Luke, has had a great year at his new university, Ball State. After all, it's not everyone that gets voted Time magazine's person of the year! (Did I mention that he's learning a lot about photo shop in his graphic design class? ha ha!) He's really enjoying his studies in construction management, and he has really blossomed socially this last semester. He has a great group of campus friends that meet weekly for bible study and worship. As a mom, I am so proud of Luke! You never know what path your child will take when they are no longer under your roof. But Luke's faith is an integral part of his life, and he's bringing it with him wherever he goes.

Needless to say, my husband and I have had a few anxiety attacks at the thought of two college tuitions next year. And the year after that! But I'm confident that it will all work out in the end. God is faithful, and He always provides. We are so blessed.

Last week, I bought a box of fortune cookies for the boys. Sam loved opening them in his lunch box and reading his fortune. This one was my favorite:

Our sons are our future. We are proud to invest in family!

"Sons are a heritage from the LORD, children a reward from him." Psalm 127:3


  1. congrats! My dad is a pastor and we were in TH for 13 years! RH is a beautiful place :) If he is looking for a good church I can think of a couple- feel free to email and let me know!

  2. Tell those boys to stop growing...argh...time flies! John is graduating from HS? Wasn't he just a kinder grad like 2 years ago...maybe 5 on the outside?! Love the proud. Where's Sam's grad from 1st grade pic? Tell him aunt jenny is looking out for him. Love and prayers.