Thursday, July 28, 2011

Crafting, Coffee, and Cozies

I'm working on a new stitching project this week. This pillow wrap is from Pine Mountain designs. It's been a joy to stitch this project as it's on a ten-count Tula linen. Talk about easy on the eyes! After working on my last 28-count two over project, this one is a breeze! I've been taking my stitching out to the front porch with my coffee when I need a little break.

(For those of you wondering about cloth counts, here's the formula. The count refers to how many stitches, or holes, in one inch. The bigger the count, the smaller the stitches. The smaller the count, the bigger the stitches.)

I'll give this to my mom when I see her next month. I've made her pillow wraps for lots of holidays, and right now she has the Fourth of July pillow wrap on her pillow. But she really needs something that will work from now until Autumn, and I think this Flower wrap is perfect. I know that she will love the peachy pinks and soft sage greens.

When I'm not stitching, I'm usually reading a good book. This week, I read the newest Kiki Lowenstein mystery from Joanna Campbell Slan called "Make Take Murder". This is the fourth book in her scrapbooking series, and it was a great read. I like reliving my St. Louis days through this mystery series. This book takes place during the holiday season, so there are lots of references to favorite places like The Hill (St. Louis' little Italy), Santa's Magical Kingdom in Eureka (I lived not far from here...wowzers, the lines to get into this Christmas lights display were unbelieveable!), and Kaldi's coffee house (my favorite was the one in Chesterfield Valley).

My favorite part of the book? When Kiki defends herself against an assailant using a Crop-a-dile! How funny is that?

Crafting, coffee, and cozy mysteries. A great combination for those lazy days of summer.

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  1. I won't tell mom if you don't! What a coincidence...that's my recipe for lazy summer days...except that my book is a romance!