Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Front Porch Time

Hello, friends! Welcome to August! Even though these summer temps have most of us rushing for the next air conditioned spot, I try to spend a lot of time outdoors every day. I want to remember these warm sunny days in the middle of February, and think of all the fun I had on my front porch. It's usually a nice, shady spot where I can catch a breeze and watch the hummingbirds flit to my feeder.

I've been doing a lot of front porch reading. I've read three books in the last ten days. Gotta love these lazy days of summer!

I also finished Mom's pillow wrap project. Awww, aint' she sweet? I had to tinker with the pattern a bit by adding a little flower button and stitching in a few leaves around it.

I love these Stampin' Up buttons! They are useful for so many projects!

Then I moved on to another project. I found this autumn sampler from Sandra Sullivan's Homespun Elegance tucked away, unfinished, in my stash of needle art projects. I think that I was intimidated by the border and must have put it aside last fall.

The border totally pulls this project together! I love it! I may be rushing the seasons a but, but it's nice to stay one step ahead.

When I told my sister, Tina, about all of my stitching and reading, she said "See how much more productive you can be when you don't have a job to go to? Take it from me, work is highly overrated!"

I love that thought!

Here I was feeling guilty for not "doing more", but Tina turned it all around and made me feel as if I was doing plenty. Now I feel as busy as a bee!

Speaking of bees, here's a lovely specimen!

{recipe: all products from Stampin' Up!, Nature Walk stamp set, Fancy Flexible Phrases stamp set, Parisian Summer papers, bravo burgundy ink and card stock, sahara sand ink and card stock, so saffron card stock, scallop edge punch, scallop circle and circle punches, modern label punch, pearl, velvet ribbon}

Here's a funny bee story. Yesterday, my husband tells me "There was a BIG bee in the kitchen, but I want you to know that I killed it."

Okay, whatever.

I walk into my kitchen, and all of the cooking utensils that I keep in a crock by the stove are now in the sink.

"Hon, what's with all the utensils?" I ask.

"Well, that's where the bee was. When I sprayed the bee, I sprayed over all the utensils."


Yes, my husband killed the bee by spraying nasty insecticide all over my kitchen. Wonderful! Now, I understand that my husband "claims" to be allergic to bees, even though he doesn't carry epi-pens and he's never been bitten in the twenty-five years I've known him. But the truth is he's just terrified of the little things. Thus, his heavy handed approach to bee-killing.

Next time, Hon, let me take care of it!

My method? I put a glass jar over them, slide a heavy piece of card stock underneath, carry the jar outside, and let them go free.

I guess that's why my husband is sitting in the air conditioning when I'm sitting out on the front porch.

Enjoy these front porch days, my friends!


  1. I absolutely adore your writing style- it just makes me smile (and laugh and occasionally cry!) :) Thanks for being so open!

  2. We are in the process of finishing our front porch on our new home. A group of Amish men are coming Saturday to put on the roof. A "real" porch was my first must have on our new home. PS...I'd have to throw the insecticide away. Hate that stuff!