Monday, January 30, 2012

Rest and Relax

Rest and relaxation is the best medicine, don't you think?

My poor dear husband had surgery last week to repair his separated shoulder incurred while biking in the fall (pun intended!) of 2010. He tried to let it heal, he tried exercises, he tried cortisone shots. In the end, he knew that he would either have to deal with the pain for the rest of his life or get the surgery to repair the injury.

The ortho doctor performed the two hour surgery, stapled up the five inch incision, wrapped him in bandages and sent him home. Yes, outpatient surgery. It was pretty overwhelming, to say the least. My husband has been off work ever since, and I have taken on the role of caregiver, helping him bathe and dress and eat and get comfortable. Ed had it in his mind that he'd be doing a lot of reading and movie watching, when in truth he has not had the wherewithal to entertain himself. Instead, he has been napping. And let me tell you, my husband is not normally a napper!

I have been doing my best to keep the house calm and quiet. I follow his lead. Some mornings, I can tell that he's antsy and needs a short trip out of the house. Other days, like today, I can tell that he just needs to stay home and recuperate, which is fine by me. In between my nursing duties, I can read and stitch and craft and cook. My husband is so thankful for the care, and I am so thankful that I am not working outside the home. God provides, and this week, He is providing us with patience for the day and rest for some weary bones.

When I visited Cath's blog at Moxie Fab World, I was so surprised to here that she was not going to CHA, the Craft and Hobby Association's big trade show in Anaheim, California. Poor Cath is recovering from a rotator cuff injury and is also nursing a sore shoulder. Cath, you have my sympathies! I hope the doctors can get you on the road to recovery soon!

I made this card to cheer her up today. This stamp from Lockhart Stamp Company seemed like it was just the medicine the doctor ordered. Sit back, relax, and enjoy all of the wonderful photos of new product lines that are being posted every day!

Happy healing, Cath!

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  1. Give that man a big (don't squeeze to hard!) hug from his favorite sis-in-law...biking pal, Jenny :) I don't know if you can find it, but I think Ed would enjoy the PBS series Sherlock...I'm lovin it, and I think he will too. (available on Netflix) Love and kisses.