Monday, April 30, 2012

My Newest Pursuit

My dear, sweet husband drove an hour out of town yesterday to pick up my early Mother's Day present. This beautiful mountain dulcimer was listed on Craigslist ( and let me just say, there aren't a lot of dulcimers to be found there, so I knew it was meant to be mine!). It is a handcrafted, signed and numbered and dated mountain dulcimer made by Warren May in Berea, Kentucky. I think it is a work of art!

Look at this beautiful hand carved scrolled neck! It looks like a violin!

And I love the pretty!

I have had the dulcimer bug for years now. When my sister, Tina, called to tell me she'd just bought a dulcimer on her vacation, I couldn't believe it! We hadn't even discussed it! And guess where she bought hers? Yep, from the same artist who made mine in Berea, Kentucky! What can we say? We're sisters!

The gentleman who sold me his dulcimer included the case, extra strings, a CD and two books.

Mary Had A Little Lamb! Yes, we're talking very beginner books! I've learned a few tunes just by watching some youtube videos, which really helps.

I had to promise my husband that this new pursuit does not mean that I will be changing my personal style. In other words, no growing my hair out into one long gray braid and wearing long flowing skirts everywhere. He loves me just the way I am...quirky!

I think this dulcimer will be my summer experiment. (Preemptive apologies to my neighbors! ha! ha!) Tell me, do you have plans to try something new this summer?

Happy Monday, friends!


  1. well i guess i missed out on the sister's memo...dulcimer summer...i see it now...the quartet playing beautiful music for all the kooksy-folksy crafty types at area art festivals! i'm on board!

  2. You've already got the strings down, so you're miles ahead of us! Dulcimer summer...sounds like the name of a great novel!