Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Butter Barn Antiques

Last Friday, before our Christmas festivities began with our family in Michigan, my sister Tina texted me with the message "Are you going to Butter Barn this morning? It opens at 10."

I finished my first morning cuppa and was out the door to meet her!

What is The Butter Barn?

Picture, in your mind, a smaller version of Chip and Joanna Gaines' (HGTV Fixer Upper) Magnolia Market, only set in a barn in rural Michigan instead of Waco, Texas.

In other words, a little piece of heaven in my family's back yard. :)

I almost hate to tell you about it, because if I do show you how awesome it is, you are going to want to go, and you might beat me to a fabulous treasure. Lucky for you I'm feeling generous this holiday season.

The Butter Barn began its monthly sales this summer. One weekend a month, they open their doors and delight shoppers with their finds. In December, they decided to open every weekend. Yippee!

Do you recall my posts during 31 Days of Coffee in October? I wrote about Bennett's Orchard in Ottawa Lake, Michigan here:

The Butter Barn is located right next door!

Funny. I keep telling God that I think He needs to move us back to Michigan. It has been ten years now. Surely that's long enough to have lived "abroad", right? I make plans, and then God tells me He knows the plans He has for me. Maybe Michigan will be one of those plans to prosper me. A girl can hope.

I have to admit to some really bad blog etiquette. I forgot to ask the owners if it was alright for me to be taking photos of their shop...and posting them for the world to see. Sometimes, I just cannot help myself! It was so inspirational, I wanted to remember everything.

My brother, George (a navy veteran himself). told me that it was Admiral Grace Hopper who first said "It is often easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission."

Forgive me, Butter Barn! It seemed like a good idea at the time. ;)

I wanted to remember everything, but I also wanted one of everything. There's my problem.

I overheard my husband telling our family this weekend "Mary Rose keeps saying that she wants to purge and downsize and get rid of stuff, and yet she keeps coming home with more things."

Correction! I want to get rid of a LOT of the crappy stuff we don't need, and replace it with just a few cool things that we do need. In other words, I just want to purge his things. LOL!

I swooned over all of the lovely pillows!

I loved the splashes of red! I cannot believe I didn't come home with one of those Coca-Cola wooden crates. Must have forgotten to grab it before I walked out the door! And those metal olive baskets? Too cool.

I think after I put all the Christmas away next month, I will dig out the old tarnished silver pieces for a little sparkle.

And speaking of sparkle, would you look at this tree branch covered in lights and snowflakes? I love it!

Sigh! Old quilts and baskets say "Cozy up and hibernate for the long winter."

This sampler was so precious! I wish I'd brought this one home, too.

So you're dying to know...what did I bring home, right?

I found a really cool hanging kitchen scale, and this perfectly patina'd milk can for our front porch. My husband couldn't understand why this was a must have item, but I've been on the lookout for a milk can for months, and this one spoke to me.

I also picked up a handful of sweet vintage postcards. The paper crafter in me cannot resist them. They are little bits of art that take no room to store, and you can prop them up anywhere in the house for instant "aww!".

My sweet mother, God bless her, found me a crock at the Butter Barn and gave it to me for Christmas! I love it! She knew I'd been looking for pretty crocks this year, and this one is a beauty!

Thank you, Butter Barn, for a fun morning! I hope that your "business" is blessed!

For more information on the Butter Barn, along with their hours of operation, you can visit their website here:

Thanks for visiting the cafe today!


  1. Looks like a lovely store!

    We've been in Michigan for 11 years now, and my prayer is to move too...out of Michigan. LOL

    1. Maybe we could do a house swap, Tammy! You could move to Batavia, Illinois, and I could move to Grand Rapids! LOL! Speaking of GL, my husband was just there last week and said what a nice town it is. Just curious...where would you like to live? I think home is anywhere Mom is. Mom + Michigan= Home. ;)

    2. That was supposed to say "Speaking of GR", not GL. ;)

    3. Illinois is still too cold. Preferably somewhere that doesn't get snow! (I grew up in California.)

    4. I hear ya! The year we moved (2005), we had five feet of snow that winter, and I think six inches fell on Easter. Michigan has beautiful summers, but you earn them by surviving those LONG winters! :)

  2. What a fun store. You could spend a lot of time there!