Thursday, September 1, 2016

Stepping Out

A funny thing has happened recently. My new town is starting to grow on me.

I can't pinpoint exactly when it happened, but slowly over the course of the summer, I'm starting to feel more settled. Maybe it has something to do with my motivational word this year: Rooted. Finally, after fourteen months, I'm beginning to feel rooted. It really does take a full turn of the calendar before it can happen.

I finally got some perspective, took a step back, and looked at our move through my other family member's lives. My husband likes his position here, and he really loves the area bike trails and little towns to explore. He also feels connected to our church, which is important. My oldest has begun a new career move in management, and I can see his confidence building. He's making friends and finding his own rhythm. And then there's Sam, the middle schooler, who will be a teenager in less than two weeks. He loves it here. He likes his school, he likes his friends, and he loves that he can hop on a skateboard or bike and go in to town to explore.

I can see our house projects nearing an end, and that gives me a measure of peace.

We've begun to think of another scenario.

What if we were to sell this house in the spring, and downsize to something a little better suited for us. Maybe a house in town where we can truly walk to everything.

It's a possibility.

In the meantime, I'm making strides to find my place. I'm volunteering at church and getting out more.

This week, I went to the open house of the Fox Valley Newcomers and Neighbors. I had a fantastic time meeting new women!

We met at the All Chocolate Kitchen in downtown Geneva. It was lovely! They gave us a demonstration of Siphon coffee making, which is a combination of French Press and drip.

Would you look at the interior of this restaurant? Amazing!

One of the ladies spoke about the organization. She said that when you move to a new town, no one is going to come knocking on your door to ask if you can come out to play. (Except maybe in Pittsburgh, but that's only because you were all so special!). You really have to get out and get involved yourself, and take the time to join some small groups to get to know people.

I'm feeling hopeful about the days ahead. A new season, a fresh start.

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