Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Fixer Upper House: How To Customize a Closet Without Spending A Lot Of Money

Today, I am going to be very brave and show you photos of our walk-in closet.

It's pretty bad, isn't it?

Mind you, the space is big, with a nice L shape and lots of room to hang things. But it lacks adequate shelving, and it just didn't look pretty.

Why do I hang on to shoe boxes like they are some precious commodity? Most of those boxes are empty, too.

I knew that I had to do something about this space before the house goes on the market. But in the end, we have about $0 to invest in this house before we run the risk of outspending the neighborhood and not getting a return on our investment.

Sure, we could spend a thousand or more on a home closet system, but we probably wouldn't see one dime of that money back.

I decided to do the next best thing and ordered some closet storage components from Overstock. com.

These Laura Ashley storage components were a great price, and I wanted the space to feel all matchy and coordinated.

Here's the closet now:

Wow! That's a big improvement!

Hanging storage for shoes and sweaters!

Cubbies and bins for scarves and purses, too!

I didn't want my husband to feel left out, so I found him some nice masculine and not so floral gray bins at Target for $5 each.

And just like my pantry storage, the best part of this update is that we can take it all with us! I also think this system is going to be much easier when the packing day comes. Just pick up a bin, throw it in a box, and done.

Another job crossed of the To Do List!


  1. You are so clever! I love the idea of how you're storing things, and being able to take them with you when you move!

    1. It's all part of my plan to convince my husband "See? We can pack ourselves! We can do this!"

  2. Great look Mary and a fantastic idea for using in the next spot.

    1. Here's hoping that the next spot happens sooner rather than later, Vikki!

  3. I'm envisioning that space as a stamping hideaway! Love the floral print on your organizers. And he gets 3. That sounds about right! ;) Well done! M.L.

    1. Ha ha ha! Yep, three bins for him, ten for me! Makes perfect sense, right? ;)