Thursday, February 23, 2017

Treasure Hunting at Goodwill

I made a trip to two different Goodwill stores yesterday, looking for some items that I need for staging our house. For starters, I'm looking for some cheap kitchen counter stools that I can use at the island...something that I can paint black to match our current chairs and table. Something that says "Hey, this weird jut out at the end of the island? Look! A perfect spot to sit with a cup of coffee! Buy this house, and we will throw in the Goodwill stools for free!"

I'm also looking for some night stands for our bedroom. We've been telling ourselves for 20 + years that we will buy new adult bedroom furniture, and it has never happened. We are using some of those hideous pressed wood round tables with tablecloths thrown over the top. They do the job, but they don't look very pretty. Again, I'm just looking for something wood that I can transform with paint and hardware.

But you know how treasure hunting trips can go. You are looking for one thing, but end up coming home with something completely different.

I spotted these Corningware dishes, and had to have them. I've been loving this pattern, called Country Festival, for ages. It's one of those funky collectibles that can fetch a pretty high price on ebay. But I found these for $2 each! The pattern definitely has that Pennsylvania Dutch look that I love.

 And then I spotted this sweet little Longaberger crock with the same color that matches my pattern! $3? Sold!

Still looking for night stands and stools. Maybe I will have better luck at the curbside on garbage day. :)


  1. Those Corningware pieces are adorable! The Goodwill stores I used to go to in Michigan were well aware of what people were reselling, so their prices on things like this were very high. The Goodwill stores in my current area are not worth visiting. :/

    1. Not all Goodwill's are created equal. I'm lucky to have two really nice locations nearby!

  2. You are lucky because ours just seem to only get in Target Returns and most of the time they are marked at face value even if damaged. Love the corning ware and I'm a sucker for anything Longaberger especially at those prices.

  3. Wow, Mary Rose, I need to check out my Goodwill more often! I love your finds!