Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Naughty Girls and Crafting Don't Mix

I looked out into the backyard last week and wondered "NOW what does Jemma have in her mouth?"

She has a bad habit of stealing things off tables and desks in the hopes that someone will play "Chase Me!" with her. She thinks it's the funniest game ever invented. The rest of us? Not so much.

It turns out she had grabbed the card I'd made for my Mom. How ironic that it was the card featuring a GOOD dog that looks a lot like her.

Sit? Stay? No way! Play!

I took this as a sign that Jemma thought I could do better.

I decided to make a card with a peek-a-boo window sentiment in the clouds.

I think I like the colors of this second card a little better. They seem more cheerful. I guess Jemma was right.

{Today's Brew: You Have My Heart stamp set (MFT), Peek a Boo window die (MFT), Lawn Fawn papers, COPIC markers}

Y'all know that I totally fake it when it comes to using COPIC markers, right? I promise to take an on-line class one day when I am not consumed with all things real estate. And trust me. That day cannot come soon enough.

Ah, look at that! We can be good...sometimes. Sit....Stay....

Wait! What are you doing? I didn't tell you to steal Sam's hat!

Naughty girl. Back to puppy school for you!


  1. My poor little misunderstood girl. I will have to come play with her while you unpack! (I come bearing treats!) ;) M.L.

  2. Naughty little girl!! lol! I like both cards!