Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Saying Goodbye to A Few Favorites

We are officially out of our house in Illinois, and are currently living in temporary housing in Michigan.

( cue the hallelujah chorus music!)

The pack and load was brutal, and we cut it so close to the wire getting out of the house on time. More on that later. In retrospect, we would have done a lot of things differently. Isn't that always the case? It was certainly true of our move two years ago.

Looking back, if we had one big regret with our move to Illinois, it was that we didn't wait for the right house for our family. We really should have rented instead of grabbing the first fixer upper we could find.

I never did like the house, or its location at the corner of the cul de sac, or even its location across the river on the far side of everything.

Even though it was just down the road a few miles, we always preferred Geneva. We loved its artsy eclectic vibe, and the array of lovely old homes.

Seriously! Look at this beauty! Geneva was filled with houses just as lovely, if not even lovelier.

Instead, I had a house with this as my lovely view, day after day after day:

Yes, that's a raccoon, digging for buried treasure in broad daylight. Sigh!

Whenever I had the chance, I always escaped to Geneva. There, the seasons were celebrated and life was enjoyed, one sip at a time.

But you know what they say about hindsight being twenty/twenty? That is so true.

Perhaps God brought us to this place to show us that this was not our home, and thus, we did not get too attached.

New adventures await us back home in Michigan. The future is looking brighter, and I am so ready for this next chapter of our lives to begin.

Blessings, cafe friends!


  1. If you listen very closely (channel Horton here), you can hear: "We are here...we are here....we are HERE!" :) Moves are NEVER easy. So glad you are almost HOME! M.L.

    1. Ha ha! Yes, we are here! Enjoying our time in our temporary housing. Housekeeping, a pool and hot tub, breakfast every morning. It's like a vacation!

  2. congratulations on getting through the big move first steps and onto contentment near family. plus keeping your blog open - miracle!

    1. Thanks, Vikki! I'm keeping the cafe open with lots of fun future projects and posts. A little pre-planning to fill in the time until I'm in my new craft studio...yay!