Thursday, July 6, 2017

Oh Happy Day!

My son, John Ryan, is a real straight shooter. He's a man of few words, but when he does, you better pay attention! He tells it like it is, and often with a rapier wit to boot.

And when it comes to worship styles at church, John has a few things to say. For starters, he's not a big fan of Co Wo. Happy Clap. The CW. However they refer to Contemporary Worship in your neck of the woods. Perhaps it's the overly "emotive" experience that turns him off. Or it could be the delivery.

We once visited a church where the pastor tossed out free copies into the crowd/congregation of his bible study (for sale, of course, in the church lobby). John Ryan was having none of it.

"What's next?" he asked on the ride home in the car. "T-Shirt cannons?!" He used the entire back side of the bulletin to give a ten-point review of the experience. It wasn't flattering, to say the least.

I laugh whenever I think of it!

One thing I know he really dislikes? The music.

It's so ironic when you think about it because John is the typical millenial that CoWo tries so hard to woo. But honestly, I think the church has lost a lot of its reverence and awe while trying so hard to mimic the culture. All feelings aside, worship is not about how we feel. It is about giving God the glory, kneeling in submission before the Creator who is good, and acknowledging that I am not. Confession, absolution, communion of saints for generations. Water and the Word. Bread and Wine. Broken by the Law, redeemed by the Gospel. If the elements of true worship are present, then I suppose the delivery is just a matter of personal preference.

John's least favorite CoWo song? Oh Happy Day. We once attended a church that played this one way too often.

Of course, whenever we hear it, we cannot help but laugh and think of John Ryan!

It might seem kind of mean-spirited to make someone a birthday card based on their least favorite song, but that song has taken on legend status in our family. We hear it and we think "John Ryan!" and it makes us smile.

Oh Happy Day! We get to see John Ryan and celebrate his birthday!

{Today's Brew: Hello Sunshine stamps/dies/papers (Lawn Fawn), PTI Ink and card stock, baker's twine, enamel dots}

We love you, John Ryan, and we're so proud of you! Cheers!


  1. I found it funny that the coupon code in yesterday's crafty mail from 7Kids was..."Happy Day". Ha! And I hope he had a wonderful day. M.L.

    1. LOL! That's too funny, ML! We had a great time celebrating with John at the Cheesecake Factory...yum!