Sunday, August 21, 2011

Stitches, Sons, and Surprises

Are you ready for a little Sunday rambling?

Let's start with a stitching project! I finished stitching this Zipper project from Bent Creek. I'm hoping to turn it into something cute for Halloween.

This was fun to stitch because it had an 18 count natural linen...very easy on the eyes. It also used pearl cotton in place of embroidery floss. Pearl cotton gives a project a nice chunky and more substantial feel. And the bonus with pearl cotton is that you are not separating strands of floss. Cut and thread your needle and you are ready to go!

And speaking of ready to go...yesterday was "move in" day for our oldest son. We loaded up the van and headed off to his college, which is about an hour away. I don't think there was any room to spare in that van!

Luke opted for a single dorm room this roommates! He worked hard at his summer job and saved up enough money to purchase a new computer, printer, fan and flat screen television for his room. Ah, the joys of independent living!

The biggest surprise of the day? He has an adjoining bathroom! Life is good!

We started the tradition of the Dry Erase board messages when Luke first went to college as a freshman. His father and I like to leave him with a little motivational thought each year. And yes, I'm going to make you look up those verses on your own. :)

After a long day of moving all the comforts of home to college, I decided to come home and do some gardening. The herbs in my garden have run amok, and I decided to pull out all of the parsley that has re-seeded itself throughout the garden. I yanked on this parsley, only to find it wasn't parsley at all. It was a carrot!

I vaguely recall Sam, my seven year old, telling me this spring that he had planted carrot seeds in the garden. Frankly, I didn't give it another thought. During a bad summer of heat and drought, I haven't had much luck growing anything by seed. And yet, these neglected seeds were turning into carrots under the ground. I'm certain there is a life lesson there if I look hard enough. Something about trust and producing much fruit, perhaps.

The Lord provides and life is good. What more can you ask for on a Sunday?

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